Rizophilia accepts various payment methods including; Credit or Debit Card online (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron)

- Payment via Paypal

- Bizum 

Payment by credit or debit card online

You can make your payments with a credit or debit card in total safety. Your bank details will never be saved as they are sent directly to the banking entities we work with, without having any access to them. At the time of purchase, the order amount will be charged directly to your card. To do this, you will need the following data:

- Cardholder's Name

- Card number

- Expiration date

- Security code


If you want to place your order without using your credit card number, you have the possibility to pay in total safety via the Paypal system. During the process, you will be directed directly to the official Paypal platform. You will then be automatically redirected to Rizophilia.com


The bizum pago is intended for those who have this option at their banking entity (to be exchanged). To make the payment through bizum, you have to choose “bizum” among the payment options; you will be asked for the mobile number associated with the bank account. You will then be directed to your bank's app to complete the payment.