Obtained from the avocado fruit, is an excellent hair protector, especially ideal on summer days, as it is able to protect the hair fibres from UV rays


Olive Oil

Olive oil has always been a basic ingredient for the production of cosmetic products. Even today it is chosen among many other natural elements for is multiple properties. It has a strong detangling power and being rich in vitamin A, it fights dandruff and flaking. The presence of vitamin E activates the circulation of the scalp


Artichoke Extract

The artichoke extract acts as a shield against the opening of the cuticles, giving the hair a soft appearance. It also protects them from any external agent, such as heat or humidity. In addition, it prevents the deterioration of lipids and proteins



Rice has always been one of the most used natural cosmetics. The oil extracted from the germ and the inner skin of the grain, is rich in vitamins and fatty acids, which prevent the formation of open tips



The collection of hibiscus flowers is entrusted to women’s cooperatives, who take care of drying them in the sun. The drying process gives them antioxidant properties, making them rich in vitamin C, organic acids and mucilages. Vitamin E acts as an emollient by retaining the moisture supplied to the hair. It also acts as a conditioner making your hair soft


Wheat germ amino acids

Wheat germ amino acids are proteins capable of binding to the natural keratin of the hair. They improve the elasticity of the hair fibers, making them more flexible. They also increase the shine of the hair and facilitate its manageability


Synergism of three plants

The combination of soy, what germ and the Baikal skullcap was designed to stimulate hair growth and curb hair loss. This ingredient also has a volumizing effect, increasing its density and thickness


Argan Oil

Increases brightness to dull hair and, at the same time strengthens and stimulates hair growth. The presence of oleic acids offers the hair fibres a great resistance to oxidation, reducing the weakness of the hair



Alma, also called Indian gooseberry, is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs for hair care. The fruit of this plant is the basis of many cosmetic products. Rich in vitamin C, it acts as an antioxidant, stimulating collagen synthesis. It also detangles and keeps frizz at bay


Castor Oil

Often associated with the strengthening of nails and hair, castor oil is ideal for dry and frizzy hair. Being rich in ricin oleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids, it is indicated for dermatitis problems



Also known as Methi, fenugreek is a complete hair care ingredient. In fact, it contains not only mucilage but also mineral salts, fatty acids and amino acids. All these elements together give the hair hydration, volume and shine



Lavender, which derives from the verb “lavare”, was used by Romans for cleansing the body. Nowadays, it is used in hair care as it is excellent for any type of scalp, be it dry or oily. It also has soothing properties and is perfect in case of flaking and dandruff, as can reduce possible inflammation