From heart to earth
through your curls

If you have arrived in this section, it is because you want to find out who is behind Rizophilia, and learn about our philosophy! Our brand was not only born from the desire to market a new line for curls but, above all, from the desire to turn a dream into reality. We have spent many years taking care of our hair, studying the effects that certain ingredients have on curls and waves, without ever ceasing to be fascinated by Nature and what it offers us. The search for natural ingredients, their use in cosmetics and how they can make the hair healthy and strong, have been the fundamental foundations in our journey, full of ups and downs but also of many satisfactions. Thus was born the idea of sharing all this with you, and transforming our experience into something concrete. We therefore welcome you to our family, where you will find answers to your questions, advice, and also a selection of products characterized by the awareness that every hair is different and therefore also special.

When we asked ourselves how we wanted our brand to be, we were sure we wanted a line that was as natural as possible, with ingredients that were simple but effective. We therefore decided to rely on natural cosmetics not only for the health benefits, but also for the environment. Therefore, you will not find sulphates, silicones, parabens, drying alcohols, waxes and mineral oils, or ingredients of animal origin in any of our products. Before creating this bran ,mwe felt the need to put ourselves in your shoes and help you find that confidence that we have often not felt, because curly hair has always been seen as inelegant. We want you, just like us, to become rizo confident, make you feel different, but at the same time yourself and facilitate your hair routine.


Rizophilia team welcomes you to our family which, we are sure, will expand with you! Just like in a real family, feel free to contact us for any eventuality. Below we explain you how. You will receive our reply as soon as possible.
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